I desire to know,
Do the thought of me put you into a wild license
Of frenzy,
Give you the aching intense need to have
And to posses what is not bestowed on your hands.

Help me learn,
Where the flowing burning emotions rest,
In your head or in your heart,
Is there any flame?
The state of burning love which is in intensified,
Blaze deep down your soul,
Do you ever become bright and red?
With emotions and thoughts of me

I ache, desire, need and demand to know,
Is there any burning compassion in your heart?
Can you surrender your body to slave for unending pleasures?
Together be blown by the wind of my love,
Take us to any direction without command,
Heat beat against our skin changing the rhythm of our pulse
Let our blood rush thoroughly all your veins
Tonight, the bed, the night, can be our witness.




A King only reigns until his death,
Your kingdom exists here only in this bed,
I will be the queen only if you rock me till the end,
Thrust all this life with a rubber crown in your head,
Leaving no heirs, my coming is our dead end.

A kingdom power rests on its ruler,
My pleasures are subject to only one controller,
My body desires, a test of your physical power,
Work your way up my legs in your private chamber
The love, whatever it is, an infection, unavoidable disaster

I promise to come ten times more,
To yell and beg for you even you more,
Have me till I can’t take it any more,
Because when tomorrow comes, I will exist no more.


He says goodbye,
He says it’s the last I will be here,
He says it was a waste of time,
He left me with sleepless nights,
He left me scared and lonely,
With nobody to hold me,
He says Goodbye.

But before you go I beg you,
Please tell me,
That you loved me,
Just once in your lifetime,
You adored me at least for a splint second,
And for a moment you wished to have me in your life.

But before you go you can pretend,
I was the best thing you ever had,
That you can’t live, without me,
You can’t breathe or live,
You will cease to exist in happiness,
Please lay here with me and for a moment,
Pretend how happy we were together.