I desire to know,
Do the thought of me put you into a wild license
Of frenzy,
Give you the aching intense need to have
And to posses what is not bestowed on your hands.

Help me learn,
Where the flowing burning emotions rest,
In your head or in your heart,
Is there any flame?
The state of burning love which is in intensified,
Blaze deep down your soul,
Do you ever become bright and red?
With emotions and thoughts of me

I ache, desire, need and demand to know,
Is there any burning compassion in your heart?
Can you surrender your body to slave for unending pleasures?
Together be blown by the wind of my love,
Take us to any direction without command,
Heat beat against our skin changing the rhythm of our pulse
Let our blood rush thoroughly all your veins
Tonight, the bed, the night, can be our witness.



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