Take Me On A Sunday

Take Me On A Sunday

a lazy hot sunday,

For this time

My mind is full of desires of lust,

he bites his lip so seductive sending icy pleasure through my veins…

his breath is the wind of change.

The way he moves into my world,

invading all dreams where I wake tender and wet,

making love in my dreams becomes reality, I have finally met.

I’m dancing naked,

twisting and turning touching skin in honour of this man who has unearthed

my soul,

I wanna play

Panting breath and giggling eyes, crouching, anticipation of his dirty surprise.

this is how I love to play

I’m his prey…

Come closer let me touch your lethal manhood,

let me place it on my hungry tongue, tasting, sucking giving pleasure to you is my favourite kind of fun.

Let’s turn it all around,

 to one good day.



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