Two people coming together in the night summon up the future,
Rainer Rilke would say that about tonight,
Like Nepthys I am in search of Osiris body parts
I have the magical power to bind them together,
like your queen Isis making intricate dances on your body
to erect and resurrect every sleeping desire in you.
Your manhood will be the last part in your body to assume it fleshly form,
My hands having the power to evolutionalize it from it vegetable state,
You will give up yourself entirely over to every animal sexuality,
Open yourself up to every worldly dimension.
The burning desire felt in my breast,
Embraces your entire world.
I desire you and want to bend you to my will,
And influence every spirit of opposition.
Looking into your eyes I am overcomed frightened by the overwhelming desire,
The rest of my life can be shaped by your bodily responses,
The planet of love has been steering me towards this meeting tonight.
The sky been preparing this experience for us,
How we make love tonight have great effect on the cosmos for millennia to come,
Participate with me in this magical act,
lets merge in this sexual act,
Wrestle with our demons,
test our intellect too its limits
Journey to the other side of madness,
Our sexual urge is just another expression of a will beyond every individual
Tonight I want to share that with you

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