In the cover of darkness,
Night air is made for kissing,
lips meeting, honey licking,
chocolate lips of pleasure,
can I feed your appetite,
With soft juicy desserts,
something to nibble
fill your mouth 
with some creamy treatment,
with ripe pears full and mature,
ready for a gentleman bite,
fill  your mouth with swallow of pleasures,
full serving to satisfy your appetite 
Sharing the night will not finish up the darkness,
so lick all the honey, spice and sweeten,
put your face around the honey pot,
run your face around the cat fur,
till small tears drop like dew,
till you enjoy the natural wetness.
The moon hangs outside the window,
heaven is between our legs,
fill up the inner space, 
up to the bottom of the valley,
stoke up don’t miss out any pleasure points,
allow my lips to shape around your manhood
Taste the night and intoxicate with pleasure
Night air is made for kissing
and places called ecstasy.

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