A touch of your skin strong and slippery,

With a hint of sweat,

We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets,

As wind flowed from the window above us,

Eyes met briefly and begged for a chance,

To abandon all of our uncertainties.


You began your work on my lips,

Probing gently as if drawing sex,

From a deep well of longing and need,

Then heated tongues met in the Midst,

Of hot and quickening breath,

And greedily we drank the wine of lusts,

Then intoxicated with those spirits,

Our clothes found resting place on the floor,

Piece by piece,

Until there were no hiding places,

For the two glistering and wanting bodies,

Hunger revealed in this moment,

The skin meshed with skin,

As the floor became the stage,

You moved on top of me easily,

And lowered yourself gently,

Kissing me as I was filled with you.


A gasp broke the kiss,

Your hands stroked the stray stands,

Away from my forehead, then became entangled,

Our slow rhythm gave way,

To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion.

As I arched my body for your comfort, and you threw me into ecstasy,

With the strength of your blows,

You left me screaming and soaked

In oblivion again and again

As I growled your name from the back of my heart

and our bodies both demanding more,

Each giving to the other,

High on the fluids of foreign substance,

I gasped, then released you,

In effort to relieve you of your control,

The taste of your skin between my lips,

Was like no other,

To make me cry of mercy,

When your teeth met my skin,

Was more breathtaking than you knew,

Yet I still released the control to you.


As you wound your hands in my hair,

And pulled until the flesh on my neck was taunt,

You moved with one final and breaking blow,

Facing our way to hear the peaks of bliss,

Leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries.


I welcomed the weight of you to crush me,

As you collapsed on top of me,

Still hot and burning,

And I glowing like  an ember,

Casting a welcome light,

Should you seek my gifts again.


I want to dive deep within lagoons of your eccentricity,

I want to take trips across plateau of your intrinsic value,

And float in the ethereal of your nirvana.


I want to surf waves of your most excited emotions,

Sooth those devoid of joy with the benevolence of all the warmth my heart can generate.

I want you.


I want to tunnel my way to your sacred truth,

Uncover the rubble,

Ignite it with an infinite flame and bless the world with its lights.


I want to dance to your music,

High on vibrant euphoric effusion,

I want to write you a song.


I want to hold you,

I want to cherish the external bliss of your kiss,

I want to see you different from how the rest do.

I want you


In the cover of darkness,
Night air is made for kissing,
lips meeting, honey licking,
chocolate lips of pleasure,
can I feed your appetite,
With soft juicy desserts,
something to nibble
fill your mouth 
with some creamy treatment,
with ripe pears full and mature,
ready for a gentleman bite,
fill  your mouth with swallow of pleasures,
full serving to satisfy your appetite 
Sharing the night will not finish up the darkness,
so lick all the honey, spice and sweeten,
put your face around the honey pot,
run your face around the cat fur,
till small tears drop like dew,
till you enjoy the natural wetness.
The moon hangs outside the window,
heaven is between our legs,
fill up the inner space, 
up to the bottom of the valley,
stoke up don’t miss out any pleasure points,
allow my lips to shape around your manhood
Taste the night and intoxicate with pleasure
Night air is made for kissing
and places called ecstasy.


My desires are not strange, 
But sensual to attentive ears and eyes,
I want to unveil your body and
Maybe touch your soul,
let your ear incline to the whispers of my tongue,
without strains lay bare the innermost secrets,
Burst your bonds and free your soul, 
Let your eyes unravel twisted inhibitions,
This dance is pure fire not mere air, 
Oh hail thee sweet madness,
Take our earthly bodies to heaven. 

I should write about you,

But my fingers are always shaking every time

I think about you

I can barely hold the pen

Without flickers of disappointment

I find myself writing cliché poems

confused every time the word love

Crosses my mind.


There are days I forget you.

On such days,

I go on my business happy until I catch a glass of wine,

then all the bits of me that I had once glued together so neatly,

start falling apart.

The thing about addictions,

is that they remind you of people who initiated you into them,

flinging open doors of memories that you had tucked away in the dusty parts of your heart.


Smoke creates images of your face,

reminds me of how I couldn’t stand it

but I so desperately want to stand beside you

 now I am left chasing the wind.


I had stopped drinking.

I tried to stay clean,

Until my longing for you


I wish you were here.

I should write about you,

and then, maybe I will stop drinking.